Training course 5 days

Wednesday 3 April 2013


During these 5 days you’ll learn different techniques to pilot your wing and make a profound analysis of weather conditions. This way you’ll really improve your authonomy when flying without other pilots around. Every student determines his/her own objectifs at the beginning of the course and works on his/her weak sides.

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Description of the training course.

This schedule can be changed at any time according to the weather conditons and the objectifs of each student. .

* A typical day...

We meet at the paragliding school at 9 o’clock.
After analysing the weather conditions we go to the school ground to do some exercices on the ground until midday (or later...).
After a long break to rest and eat we meet again at 16h00 for a theoretical course and afterwards we go flying untill sunset.

* A typical week...

Day 1

- 9.00 : Everybody meets at Thang-ka. This is administration time for meeting your instructors and the others of the group, medical certificats, taking all the necessary licenses and insurances and paying the courses.

- 10.00 : You’re off on 4wheel drive into the hills to the training slopes to do some exercices on the ground. This takes untill 13.00 when you get down again for dinner and a well deserved rest.

- 16.00 : first theoretical course and afterwards we go flying untill about 21.00 (according to the general fatigue of the group and the sunset).

Day 2 to 5

- Individual progression towards a complete authonomy.
- how to work with turmoils and winds.
- how to get back down rapidly.
- using flight instruments
- Flying cross country
- Try different kinds of wings
- theoretical courses accompany this evolution.
During every flight you’re on permanent radiocontact with your trainer.

At the end of the week you have a debriefing with the monitors about the progress that’s been made and the delicate points that need more working on. Off course you can also have a word to express your feelings about paragliding and Thang-ka in particular.

For whom ?

Everybody who wants to gain more authonomy and pleasure while flying. From 14 years on (written parental autorisation for minors).

Where ?

Flying above the valley of Dienne, around the Puy Mary, the Plomb du Cantal and the valley of Brezons, according to the weather conditions.

Prices ?

Go see tarifs

What to take ?

Hiking shoes with sufficient ankle protection, long pants, light gloves, water and something to eat, sunblock and anything else you should take on a day in the mountains.

Make your reservation a soon as possible, summer holidays are quickly fully booked.


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Label FFVL

Tuesday 1 January 2013

Thang-ka has the label of the French Free Flight Federation n° 07911