Why choose Thang-ka?

Sunday 13 July 2014

In Tibet, a "thang-ka" represents a moving picture like the landscapes that pass us by under our feet when we’re flying in the sky. It’s the wind that animates these pictures and carries their message around the world. Our wings are animated in the same way by this wind who carries us away and frees our minds.

THANG-KA, Centre for flying sports and activities was born in 1998 in the land of the wide open spaces of the Massif Central. We’re situated in the heart of the volcanoes of the Auvergne in the picturesque village of Dienne. With its soft relief and its grassy slopes as far as the eye can see, the Cantal mountains are perfect for all kinds of flying activities like paragliding, Cage, Ultralight and so on.

After more than 20 years of experience we’ve developed a way of teaching that encourages marveling about new sensations while learning the techniques of piloting a wing in an efficient way. We form good pilots, responsable and safe but sensible to the magic of flying.

We’re happy to make you dream on our website, while waiting to fly together above the Cantal Mountains in the Auvergne. We propose all the necessary courses to make you fulfill the eldest dream of mankind, flying.


The famous Thang-ka spirit

The key words in Thang-ka are : security, efficiency and fun. We form responsable pilots that are completely autonomous with a strong knowledge of flying, weather and the code of the air. Theoretical courses accompany naturally the practical evolution.

The super Thang-ka team

We have an extraordinary Thang-ka team of experienced instructors, ready to give you all the necessary counsel to become a good and safe pilot who enjoys flying but knows it’s own limits.
Our instructors are trained to pass on their knowledge and good humour in the most efficient and agreeable way possible and they won’t hesitate to spend a lot of time with each student individually.
Motivated as they are they come from Belgium and France and they fly all over the world and use all kinds of wings like paragliders, mini wings, Cage, ultralight, speedriding and speedflying wings and kites from different constructors. This way they have a maximum of experience about aereology and the differences between profiles to help you choose the best material adapted to your level.
With Thang-ka you can be sure to be guided by the best of professionnals.
You can find them all under the chapter : the team.

Security first

We work both on active and passive security.
The best way to be safe in paragliding is to be a good and responsable pilote.
We work on that from the beginning at the training slopes (near Dienne they’re plenty, they’re big and they’re soft!)
Everybody follows his or her own pace : nobody is pushed of a mountain here. You take off by yourself, assisted by your instructor, once you’re ready.
During each flight (little or grand) you’re guided by radio and visual contact by your instructors, from the take-off until the landing.

Let’s have some fun !

The most important thing for us is security, followed by a great deal of laughing and joking around during the courses. The best way to learn something is doing it because it’s fun and that is certainly part of Thang-ka. You’re on holiday and want to have a great time. We understand that and we adapt our courses to the desires of the group to make sure you spend a holiday with us you’ll never forget. You wouldn’t be the first to have found a whole bunch of new friends after a week with Thang-ka.

Less is more !

To make sure we can follow everybody individually, we work with small groups and professionnal instructors. For the whole week you’ll be guided by 2 instructors. You won’t be drowned in the mass here.

Sublime flying sites

Gentle and grassy slopes for easy take-offs, large terrains in the middle of the valleys for serene landings...what more can one ask for in paragliding heaven.
Most of the sites are situated in the valley of Dienne or near the Puy Mary. They’ve got different orientations (which means we can adapt ourselves to the direction and speed of the wind) and different heights between 250 and 800 m.
For more détails : sites de vol libre.

The equipement

We give much importance to security in general. All the equipement (wings, seats, helmets and radio) are new or very recent.
The wings are all tested and correspond like the rest of the equipement to the strictest level of security.
All the equipement is adapted to the weight, the level and the evolution of each student.
For more details :l’équipement ou la rubrique "Boutique".

No time to get bored.

Days will be wel filled between 9 AM and 1 PM and between 4 PM and 9 PM. The rest of the day will be time for siesta or visiting the area.
Off course these scedules can be adapted in function of the weather conditions and the general fatigue of the group.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll respond with great pleasure.

Tel. : 00 33 4 71 20 82 60 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 00 33 4 71 20 82 60 end_of_the_skype_highlighting / 00 33 6 62 18 82 60
Mail : thang-ka15@orange.fr

For the site we thank Fabrice for the technical assistance and Vinch and Peter Vermeersch, Thierry Marsilhac for the pictures and Elsje for all the rest.


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Sunday 30 November 2014

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Sunday 22 December 2013

Gift vouchers

Wednesday 23 January 2013

A dream becomes reality, a unique sensation : offer a friend or a loved one the pleasure of flying : a tandemflight with paraglider or ultralight, a 1/2 day of fun discovery of paragliding, a 3 to 5 days training course paragliding or Cage, anything is possible.

Just send us a letter or a mail with the following information :
- the gift of your choice
- name of the person you want to offer it to
- name(s) of the people offering
- the adress where we can sent the voucher
- a check corresponding to the amount of your gift
We’ll send the gift voucher to the indicated adress, with the invitation to contact us so we can see together when the lucky one can come to have his dream come true.