The magic team

Monday 1 February 2016

The Thang-ka team : a group that’s been working together for years and that recruits new volunteers every year.

Jo, aka "Big Chief",

Practices paragliding since 1990, has spend 10 years in the Pyrénees.
Created Thang-ka in 1998 after moving to the Cantal.
He’s the driving force behind Thang-ka, the creator of the famous "Thang-ka spirit", a real good organisor and master of the weatherforecasts. Always ready for a joke but extremely serious when necessary. He organises most of the "Thang-ka trips abroad" like Morocco, Italy and Kazachstan.
Really bitten by all flying activities he’s also instructor kite snow, ultralight, mini wings (mostly swoop) and Cage.
Speaks french, dutch and english fluently.

Vincente, aka "Vinch"

Practices paragliding since 2002
Has joined Thang-ka in 2005 and has been an official instructor since 2009.
Very motivated to promote paragliding everywhere.
Pilots paragliders, mini wings and also Cage.
Has been climbing a lot and travelling as a backpacker in South-Africa for several months.
Speaks french, dutch and english fluently.


- Instructor BE paragliding

- Responsable "Gardening"

- Teaches paragliding around the world, from India to Kenya.

- Speaks french and english with a ’slight’ indian accent.

- Always happy


- Instructor BE paragliding

- Responsable "coffee"

- On of the longest on the team

- No stress, keep on smiling


- The last one who joined the team.

- Starts his training to be an instructor this year with Thang-ka

- Speaks french and is practicing his english


- Aka "Ded" or if you really want to hurt his feelings : Didier

- "Mister ’I can get you out of trouble in no time"

- Responsable "assistants"

- Always smiling

Els aka "Little boss"

Practices paragliding since 2003.
Small but efficient for all the administration of Thang-ka.
Always there to lend a helping hand.
Speaks french, dutch and english fluently.


- New mascotte since the summer of 2014.

- Responsable "anti-mice"

- Cute and smart

- Loves a good hug whenever you want


News items

Picture of the week

Sunday 30 November 2014

Pafke, our new housemate !

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Sunday 22 December 2013

Gift vouchers

Wednesday 23 January 2013

A dream becomes reality, a unique sensation : offer a friend or a loved one the pleasure of flying : a tandemflight with paraglider or ultralight, a 1/2 day of fun discovery of paragliding, a 3 to 5 days training course paragliding or Cage, anything is possible.

Just send us a letter or a mail with the following information :
- the gift of your choice
- name of the person you want to offer it to
- name(s) of the people offering
- the adress where we can sent the voucher
- a check corresponding to the amount of your gift
We’ll send the gift voucher to the indicated adress, with the invitation to contact us so we can see together when the lucky one can come to have his dream come true.