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Wednesday 9 December 2015

Don’t forget

- Your licence and liability insurance aviation of the year in progress if you already took it this year.
Retour ligne manuel
Retour ligne manuel
- Your obligatory medical certificat for those who didn’t already take their flying licence.Retour ligne manuel
You can find an exemple on the site of the FFVL :

Citation of the chart of the french federation of paragliding (FFVL) : "Before starting the activity, the student of the school has to have a medical certificat which states there are no medical indications that could prevent him from practicing paragliding. This certificat has to be written in french and be delivered by a doctor. The school has the obligation to verify this document."

After verification, the student keeps the certificat. It stays valid for 3 years if you’re under 40 years old or 2 years if you are 40 already. Each year you take a licence you bring back the certificat until it is no longer valid. Then you should get a new one.

- On the first day of the course you pay the rest of your course in cash, payment by card is not possible.There’s an ATM in Murat. Retour ligne manuel

- Since shops are closed on sunday, don’t forget food for sunday and monday. The rest of the week there will be time to go shopping in Murat around midday. Retour ligne manuel
Retour ligne manuel
- If you want to, you can bring a local speciality of your hometown, to let the other participants have a taste of your country during one of the programmed evenings. Retour ligne manuel
Retour ligne manuel
- Hiking shoes that protect your ankles.Retour ligne manuel
Retour ligne manuel
- Sunglases and sun protection.Retour ligne manuel
Retour ligne manuel
- Light gloves to manipulate the lines without cutting your fingers. Retour ligne manuel
Retour ligne manuel
- A light windproof jacket (there’s always wind ones you’re in the air (you’ll be flying at 30 km /h).Retour ligne manuel

- All equipment necessary for a day hiking in the mountains (it can be chilly sometimes, at least in the evening).

- All special equipment like knee or ankle sustainers if you need them, allergy medication, ...

- Thang-ka provides you with all the equipment for flying. (wing, seats, helmets, radios, parachute, ...)

- Please contact us for more information if you have any doubts at all !


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